Amorphophallus konjac


Amorphophallus konjac is a Asian aroid that is commonly called the dragon arum or devils tongue. The foliage is one large segment leaf held a top a dark spotted petiole. The plant flowers after 2 to 3 years after planting or once the tuber is large enough. The flower is a dark maroon color with a large dark spadix. Each flower is held up several feet by a petiole. The largest I have seen was 2 1/2 foot flower on top of a 5 foot petiole. One of the main topics with this plant is the smell of the flower which smells a bit like road kill. Usually lasting 2 to 3 days during flowering. Plants are hardy to zone 5, I recommend a well drained area for winter months. Tubers can get extremely large in time.

Plants sold in 3 to 4 inch pots.