Plant Organizations

  • The Aroid Society: This is a great society to join if you are interested in odd plants, Aroids, or Araceae. This society is a great place to get information and to make long lasting friendships.
  • Dave’s Garden forums: This is a great way to keep in contact with other plant collectors and posting on forums like this is what keeps me busy during the off months. There are always interesting people, pictures, and subjects being posted on this site.
  • Missouri Botanical Gardens: I have had the pleasure of visiting this place many times. Dr Croat, one of the top botanists on Aroids, does his research here. I enjoy talking with him every chance I get because he has collected plants from all over the world. His stories and adventures sounds more like something from an Indiana Jones movie than real life. This link goes to a huge data base of plant information and pictures.

Canna Sites

  • Claines Canna Collection: This is Malcolm Dalebo’s site he is a Canna collector and breeder in the UK. He has great Cannas and lots of information. Below is his other related site Canna News which shares the latest topics in the Canna world.

Friends of Brian’s Botanicals

  • Natural Selections Exotics: This is the site of my good friend Enid Offolter. She is a fellow collector like myself and carries a lot of great plants
  • Cloud Jungle Epiphytes: Harry runs this site and has helped me many times in the past with my other sites. He carries a lot of interesting miniature and other rare plants
  • The Exotic Rain Forest: Steve’s website is devoted to finding the correct botanical name for common and rare species of aroids and other plants.

Interesting Societies