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This Blog is dedicated to sharing information, experiences and new discoveries Brian Williams has had as a Plant breeder and plant collector. As the owner of Brian's Botanicals, Brian Williams is continually working on new project for the nursery that can be adapted for the home garden. Brian will share his exciting new hybrids and adventures exploring jungles in far away countries. So expect plants, plants and more exciting plants!

  Colocasia's commonly called Elephant Ears. This group of plants belong to the Araceae family the entire family is commonly called Aroids. Aroids consist of many foliage and flowering plant both common in the market and others virtually unknown to science. Some of the plants in this family that are well know are Peace lilys, Anthurium, and Arums. Colocasia plants are well known for their large heart shaped foliage that grow to giant size in a single season. New varieties show great coloring, shapes and even hardiness. In this blog you will seen new varieties just being released as well as old varieties and pros and cons of each variety. 

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Colocasia Gigantes Series
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