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This Blog is dedicated to sharing information, experiences and new discoveries Brian Williams has had as a Plant breeder and plant collector. As the owner of Brian's Botanicals, Brian Williams is continually working on new project for the nursery that can be adapted for the home garden. Brian will share his exciting new hybrids and adventures exploring jungles in far away countries. So expect plants, plants and more exciting plants!

Colocasia Fierce Gigantes PPAF

​Colocasia Fierce Gigantes is a new release for June 21, 2015. A great new addition to the Gigantes Series. Colocasia Fierce is a strong fierce grower reaching 5 to 7 feet tall in one summer. Colocasia Fierce grows well in full sun to part shade with rich organic soil and regular watering. In full sun expect a very tight upright habit, if grown in shade foliage will be held more horizontally forming a more umbrella shape. Mostly used as a center piece for annual to tropical beds one plant can stand alone and make a huge statement while a cluster can grow up and really make a magical  Alice in Wonderland look. 

Foliage and Flowers

Each leaf can from 3 to 4 feet long and 3 feet wide, dark green in color each leaf will have a purple dot in the heart of each leaf. Under the leaves are dark purple veins which really contrast with the dark green foliage. A feature like this is often over looked and not noticed but often the plants grow large enough and with a nice upright habit this unique veining can be well noticed. The petioles or stems are a dark rich purple color not often seen in the garden. These are just as much ornamental as the foliage sense they can be well seen as the foliage towers over. Petioles are often 5 to 6 feet tall and 5 to 3 inches thick. One of the most unique features of the plant is the ornamental flowers which are something that is rarely if ever mentioned with elephant ears or Colocasia's. Most Colocasia plants have flowers hidden under the foliage and they do not flower continuously but just during late summer months. So they are often over looked as a flowering plant. Colocasia Fierce however has larger flowers over up to 1 foot tall that can easily be seen sense the foliage is held so high. Each flower is held up by 8 inch to 1 foot peduncles or small stems. These emerge from the petioles usually in clusters of 6 and are purple with white spaths. Once flowers are produced each new petiole will produce more flowers and soon the plant will have many very unusual and ornamental spike like flowers 3 to 4 feet from the ground.

Over all the Colocasia Fierce has show to be very versatile for plantings in large beds to big containers making a big statement and great for anyone wanting to bring in attention or excitement into the garden. Used as a annual or a dig up tropical in zone 5 and colder. In zone 6 plants can over winter if well mulched or protected in winter. Hardy zone 7 and up.

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