Alocasia odora Giant Bulb 13/15!!!!


Alocasia odora is one of the easiest, larger growers of the Alocasia group. The plants can handle cold temps and survive zone 8. The leaves are huge. On one occasion we had a plant in the greenhouse 15 feet tall with leaves as big as a car hood. The thick durable leaves usually point upright. This plant is great as a house plant, garden plant or large container plant.

In time, the plant will produce a trunk and reminds me of a palm tree with elephant ears on top. A must have for anyone wanting to grow a large easy Alocasia.

Plants sold as large dormant bulbs/tubes. The circumference is 13/15 inches around.  You will receive bulbs similar in size as the first and last photo.


Foliage: Huge green leaves

Flower: Green hooded

Height: 10 to 15 feet

Situation: Full sun to partial shade

Zone: 8 and up

Species/Hybridizer: Species